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C & L

“We can’t thank you enough for all the work you have done on our behalf. Your guidance and expertise have been invaluable and we could not accomplish our goals without you!”


“Thank you again for your quick aid this afternoon. We were literally in a crisis with one of our federal government clients, and you are literally the reason we were able to accomplish the mission for them.”


“We hired Gallop Web to improve our website traffic and bring more business. Their SEO services increased our online visibility in both local listings and the website. We received three of our largest clients through the website ‘request for an estimate’ form Gallop Web set up for us.”

Andrea S.

“Gallop Web Services was a delight to work with…efficient and professional. They added improvements to my website to increase traffic and it has worked. Thank you, Gallop Web Services!”

Bill H.

“Gallop Web’s redesign of our website vastly improved its appearance and improved the focus of its presentation. Their SEO strategy gave us an immediate boost in search engine results. The team was excellent at the give-and-take of collaboration, listening to us and telling us things we needed to listen to. Very professional from start to finish!”

Andrea A.

“Choosing Gallop Web Services was one of my top executive decisions. I began a consulting business and needed a new website. Gallop Web created and designed my website from scratch. They were creative and knew how to capture a target audience. In the age of social media it is vital to have a developer who is also an expert in that regard. Gallop Web went above and beyond my highest expectations!”

Matt C.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Gallop Web Services on several different websites for Loudoun Medical Group, including the corporate website. They are always pleasant and professional; her and her colleagues’ expertise really helped us formulate a plan of action for our website. Large organizations aren’t always known for being fast-moving, so I must also commend Kathi on the patience and tact that she displayed through every interaction and meeting. We would hire Kathi and her team again in a heartbeat!”


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